The "Thomas A. Edison, Jr. Chemical Company" made a number of products (including Wizard Ink Tablets) but the Magno-Electric Vitalizer was the most successful. This miracle machine claimed to cure everything from rheumatism to deafness and paralysis, using a combination of magnets and batteries. The 60-page sales brochure included a form to return to Tom Junior, detailing the patient's specific problems, which Tom Junior supposedly "personally" reviewed in order to give specific instructions on how to use the machine. The U.S. government finally shut down the company for fraud in 1904. In an affadavit entered in the court by the senior Thomas Edison, he stated that "his son has never shown any ability as an inventor or electrical expert, and that deponent believes his said son is incapable of making any invention or discovery of merit." The New York Times reported "Accompanying the papers is a statement from young Mr. Edison saying he did not work out the vitalizer, but that others designed it and he merely signed the application for the patent that was sought by the promoter of the scheme. He denies that he gave any attention to the business of the concern, but admits that he drew a salary of $35 a week from it."

Vitalizer in use

Suggestions for using the Magno-Electric Vitalizer from the sales manual. The lady is curing "Female Trouble" while the gentleman is wearing the "new Cerebral Centalizer" to treat Catarrh (nasal congestion).