Ca. 1892

Charles Crocker was co-founder of C&C (Curtis & Crocker) Electric Motor Company, but he soon left to form a new company with Schuyler Wheeler to produce electric motors of all sorts, including fans for home use. This fan can be dated to 1892 based on the patent dates on the nameplate, along with the New York address; Crocker-Wheeler moved to Ampere, NJ in 1893 and the nameplates were changed accordingly. This is a very heavy bi-polar motor with a great deal of power. It runs on 100-110V DC current, and like the earlier C&C fans it was a very early form of home appliance.

Also like the C&C, it is an extremely dangerous fan. It does feature a cage to protect the blade, however that was an optional accessory. The electrical connections are all exposed. Note that the power cord attaches to two thumb bolts mounted directly below the insulated gutta percha control knob. Accidental electrical shocks must have been common, and could be exceedingly dangerous.

The switch has a series of spring blades to make contact in either of two positions. If the first setting one of the field coils is energized and the fan runs at half speed -- about 900rpm. In the second position both coils are energized and the blades turn at a whopping 1,800rpm. It is an extremely powerful fan!