Although much later than the other phonographs in the collection, this is a classic of the "Golden Age" of jukeboxes. The most compact of the full-size Wurlitzers, it features multicolored illuminated plastics and two curved bubble tubes in the center grill to give it 'animation,' adding to the eye-appeal. Made in 1941, it was the first Wurlitzer to feature the domed cathedral top that was to be the standard for the rest of the decade. A choice of 24 selections were offered, with the 78rpm records stacked in trays on the left side of the record compartment. The selected record swings out while the turntable rises up from below to bring it up to the level of the tonearm. Two versions of the Wurlitzer 750 were made. The style pictured here used a mechanical selector in which record choices had to be made before the coin was inserted; 6411 were produced. The other, called the 750E, had an electric selector mechanism which required the coin to be dropped before making a selection. About 12,000 were produced.