VICTOR TYPE "B" - 1901

The Victor "Type B" was sold in 1901, shortly after the Victor Talking Machine Company emerged victorious from the brutal commercial battle which drove Gramophone inventor Emile Berliner out of the US market. Essentially similar to the earlier Berliner (and later Victor) "Trademark"model, the plain, utilitarian cabinet of the earlier machine was replaced by an "antique oak" finished cabinet with an ornately carved base and fleur-de-lys designs on the sides. The zinc horn is painted black and decorated with gilt stripes. Priced at $18, this example was upgraded when new with a Concert reproducer, a $3 option. The Victor B is arguably the most attractive of the early Victor phonographs. This machine was formerly in the famous Dave Heitz collection and is particularly interesting for its exceptional original condition. It is one of the most pristine original phonographs I have ever seen.

The Victor B displayed on a pyramid-shaped record cabinet with ornate oak carvings.

A contemporary engraving from the 1901 Victor catalog.