Victor the Sixth, as it was rather ostentatiously designated by the Victor Talking Machine Company, was the top of the line for Victor's home models. Priced at a whopping $100 in 1905 dollars, that was equivalent to nearly 3 months salary for a skilled laborer or average white collar worker -- out of reach for most people. It is a very luxurious machine, with rich mahogany cabinet accented by 14K gold-plated hardware and decorative accents. Even the motor was highly decorated with heavy nickel plating, unlike the raw castings of ordinary Victor motors.

This is an early example, designated "Victor 6" on the data plate. Not long after its introduction in late 1904, Victor switched to a roman numeral "VI" for all subsequent versions. This already very high-end machine was upgraded even more with the addition of a solid spruce horn, with rich golden interior and dark mahogany-colored exterior. While it may not sound any better than its less expensive brothers, the Victor 6 certainly offered a lot of elegance to the wealthy few who could afford it.

Adding to its luxurious richness is a "Cabinet That Matches" as styled by the Chicago Talking Machine Company specifically for the Victor 6, with fluted columns and gold-plated castings that are exactly the same as the Victor 6 but in larger scale..