The Amberola 1A was a deluxe Edison phonograph, the first to feature the inside-horn cabinet style pioneered by Victor. Priced at a whopping $200 in late 1909 (over $5,000 in today's dollars), it was intended for the well-heeled buyer who would appreciate having a fine piece of furniture instead of a dust-collecting, intrusive horn in their parlor. Five hundred were made with a lyre-shaped grill as shown; later 1As and 1Bs had a rococco grill.

The 1A had a mechanism similar to the Edison Opera phonograph, with a moving mandrel and stationary reproducer, however unlike the Opera, and all later Amberolas, it plays both 2 and 4 minute cylinders. (The 'M' reproducer has a flip-over stylus to allow it to play both types of records without changing.) Metal parts have the same fancy oxydized treatment as the Edison Idelia. The cabinet has 4 drawers, each housing 25 cylinders. It is one of the most impressive Edison phonographs ever made, both in appearance and (most especially) sound quality. This Amberola is in amazing, totally original condition. It came from an estate in Nebraska over 25 years ago.